Elective Presentations (July 29, 2015)

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Hello Everyone!

It’s a beautiful Manitou afternoon and we are on our trip day today!

Yesterday was another busy day of classes, electives, and rehearsals. All of the shows are really starting to come together because everyone is putting so much work into them.

Last night we had our first round of elective presentations. All of the campers got to show off what they had been working on in their electives. We had everything from song writing to meditation. The campers have been working so hard in these classes it was great to see their performances

Today is our trip day. We just got back from spending the morning at our neighbors, Camp Manitou, waterfront. In just a few minutes we will be headed to Booth Bay Harbor to take a hike and enjoy a fabulous dinner theatre experience. Everyone has been working so hard on shows and electives it’s nice to have a day off to go into town and relax.

- Amanda