IMG_9521 July 9th was a classic Acting Manitou day. After our usual breakfast and inspection, campers headed to their electives. Here, the campers are taking 3 classes, each of which are 2 hours long, giving them longer class session to delve into their material. After their electives, campers headed to lunch and then to rehearsal!

We are now officially over the trip day hump, as I like to call it. In my experiences as a camper, once we pass trip day, camp seems to speed up dramatically, as the shows start to really come together and everyone is busy. In rehearsal, shows began to do design runs, which is a full run of the performance for the designers. Though these runs are "rough", they are a milestone to being on the way to having a completed show. All of the shows are now settling in their final pieces of staging, where the focus will now be on polishing.

After rehearsal, the camp headed to a much desired waterfront after a long, hot day. After waterfront and dinner, it was time for the evening activity: The Enkoodabao Festival, known at other camps as a "Talent Show". We call it the Enkoodabao Festival because we are honoring an Acting Manitou god, Enkoodabao, who rules over what happens at camp, and every session we must prove our worth to him or her. After the night, Enkoodabao was certainly pleased, as he or she was entertained by various acts ranging from the traditional singing and dancing to the more unique acts like putting on makeup or eating watermelon. Overall, it was an extremely fun night where we could marvel at each other's talent and unique skills. This traditionally long activity ran around 100 minutes, so by the time it was over, everyone was understandably tired. We then headed to the bunks and then to bed with an early lights out, where the campers have another exciting day ahead of them!