First day of rehearsals! (July 23rd)

IMG_6564Good morning everyone! Yesterday was one small step for campers, but one giant leap for their shows! The first day of rehearsals! After breakfast the day started with campers going to the warmups of their choice to be right and ready for their electives and master classes. After lunch and downtime the campers headed off to their first rehearsals!

Generally the first rehearsal for a show at Acting Manitou consists of a read-through of the script and a solid discussion of vision, concept, and ideas that the director and cast may have for their production, individual parts, songs, scenes, etc. Directors will also lay out their plan for the long road of work and rehearsal ahead of them required to create these fantastic productions.

After rehearsals, campers enjoyed a not-too-hot waterfront, then ate a wonderful dinner before heading to the theater to watch clips from the Tonys, Pixar shorts, and all sorts of fun videos. When that was done they moved down to our small amphitheater where we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows and made smores.

The campers have lots of work ahead of them in their rehearsals in class, and every single one of them is more than up to it!

Until next time!