Fri-Yay! and Prom!


Hello readers!

Yesterday was a beautiful Friday. Campers enjoyed a lovely day and those in rehearsals outside made sure to wear sunscreen!

While we are nearing the end of elective classes, and tonight is elective presentations for the second time, yesterday instead of classes, we had production call. This was a time in the morning where campers could either stay in their bunks and memorize their lines, or go to the theater and help work on sets, props, costumes, etc… We asked for campers to help out as much as possible because it’s always great to get the campers involved in our production so that they can have more pride and association with not only their own show, but all of our shows. We had a great turn out and the sets are looking wonderful.

The afternoon was bright and sunny. Rehearsals are coming together ever so nicely. By the time waterfront came, everyone was looking to cool off and relax by the pool after a hot day.

Dinner was my favorite, pulled pork sandwiches, veggie dogs, and cole slaw! After dinner we had another favorite evening activity, PROM. Campers dressed up or down and headed to the pavilion- turned dance floor- and danced the night away! We love Acting Manitou’s prom night because we always encourage people to go in large groups, or no group and not conform our society’s standards of what prom is in high school. Instead our prom is to be shared with everyone and not just one date. Everyone looked lovely and it was an absolute blast!

Such a great end to a lovely Friday, can’t wait to see what Saturday has in store!