Guest Blogger Blog - Amy Bisol!

Come walk with me.....
Once camp was over and everyone was gone, I heard a big sigh. "Phew...finally peace and quiet" camp seemed to say. We've all felt it. Being busy, active and going non-stop is wonderful. Stopping to take a breath is necessary and good. Drifting through the air were residual sounds of music, laughter, hammers and saws. Feelings of pride, joy, love and acceptance. Chickens squawking. Dancing feet. Socks flying. The smell of an evening campfire. Camp was happy, but tired and ready for a rest.
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"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit"  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
The weather turned cooler and the scent of fall was in the crisp air. As I walked around camp, I heard "I know what's coming and I'm ready but aren't I beautiful with all the fall colors framing me?" Yes......yes you are I replied. Windows were boarded up and doors nailed shut waiting for the first snowflakes. The sounds of camp still lingered but not quite as distinct as before. Camp was gearing up for another Maine winter.
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"Whoomp...there it is....."  ~tag team
Winter hit with a vengeance! The air was frigid and the ground icy. It was a winter wonderland in Oakland, ME that's for sure. As beautiful and invigorating as a fresh coat of snow is.....enough is enough! Snow, ice, more snow and then more ice! "When will my family be back?" camp seemed to say, listening to my footsteps crunch as I carefully walked around Pinter Pond, frozen solid. The sounds of camp were there but inaccessible in the intensely cold air. Camp was melancholy.

"Hope is a waking dream"  ~Aristotle
Wait....What?!? Is that something green? I'm not talking about Be Green, Be Grateful. That's always there! I'm talking about the green grass that is pushing through the snow. Camp has yearned for this day for a l-o-n-g time but didn't think it would ever happen. Spring was here! Who doesn't like Spring? The promise of new life and fresh beginnings. As I slogged around in the mud and leftover snow, the sounds of camp long hidden by winters icy grip were coming alive again...slowly but surely. Camp was hopeful.
"Fun is good"  ~Dr. Seuss
Warmer temps, bright sun, breezy summer days. Windows are opened. Doors are unlocked. Camp is ready! Ready for old friends and new faces. Meaningful, heartfelt traditions and brand new customs. Folklore, campfires, s'mores. Sounds of music, laughter, hammers and saws soon to be drifting through the air. Chickens once again squawking. Camp was content. Complete. Happy to be with family once again.
See you soon my friends,
Amy (First chair in the office!)