Guest Blogger Blog - BROCK

13754441_10208997586072858_6645270032485554631_nThe Top 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned At Acting Manitou:

  1. Be Willing To Laugh At Yourself

Some people might remember a little nickname I had this summer. It rhymes with Berry. It didn’t last into second session, partially by my choice, but it was fun while it lasted first session. There was a point first session where nobody called me Brock. It was both disorienting and hilarious. This taught me to have  a sense of humor about myself while  being able to laugh at whatever life throws at me

  1. Take Joy In All You Do

This was the theme of the summer, but it’s really more of a life motto. I’ve taken this little gem out into the real world and tried to apply it to my daily life. It’s really easy to take joy when life is awesome and going your way, but if you can find a way to take joy in the difficult things life throws at you, then you can handle anything.

  1. Experiment With Your Creativity

This one was huge this year! First session we had so many slots to fill for Evening Activities, so Justin, Anna, and I decided to play around with old favorites and also make up our own new Evening Activities. Sometimes you’ll fail and fall on your face, sometimes you’ll find something that’s a raging success (I’m looking at you Second Session’s Surprise Super Prize Surprise).

  1. Lean On Your Friends & Community

We all go through difficult times, even at camp. In times like these, we should reach out to our friends and communities to lift us up. Taking the time to listen, to be there for another, can change a person’s entire day. We create this community every summer, but the friendships carry on into the rest of your life. Use them.

  1. Create Beautiful, Awesome Art

I’m always floored by the final product of the shows at Acting Manitou. As Evening Activities Coordinator, I’m very removed from the process of making the shows. Then suddenly, it’s show day and BAM I’m hit over the head with gorgeous art that makes me laugh, cry, and feel every other emotion in between. It’s so important that we create our own art outside of camp and keep that energy going. Whatever your own individual art is: embrace it, use it, show the world!


Sending you all love from Los Angeles!