Guest Blogger Blog - Elaine!

11895136_10204289030537171_5453154794579697665_oHi everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since the holidays and I hope you’re all back in the swing of things. I’m starting my 2nd semester at Berklee here in Boston, and it’s both exciting and scary (yes I made an Into the Woods reference… not sorry). But what’s important to know is that it’s rewarding and I’m very happy. I get to write and perform a one-person show this spring!

But right now we are smack in the middle of winter. It’s cold, it gets dark before 5:00pm, and it’s that stressful point in the year where you may have exams or are waiting for college acceptance letters. Case in point, it can get you feeling blue, so I’m sharing some of my tips to help you stay warm and happy inside.

1. Stay healthy: I hate to go all “Mom” on you, but we are in the season of colds and gross viruses. Eat healthy food, get plenty of rest, exercise. WASH YOUR HANDS! I can tell you firsthand that it’s hard to stay well when everyone around you isn’t. If you do get sick, don’t go to school/work if you feel terrible. Instead, rest and get yourself feeling better (I recommend soup and warm tea with honey).

2. Surround yourself with friends and family: Winter means a lot of things; school, work, ridiculous travel delays, and sometimes it can get lonely. I usually start wishing for the warm weather to come back and remember all of the fun memories from the summer and all my Manitou family. At camp, we are surrounded by our friends and see them everyday, they become family. While you might not be able to see your bunkmates everyday, try to see them as much as you can. Host a mini camp reunion, go see them in their school play, Skype if they live far away. Of course, your non-camp friends and your family are equally as important, so spend time with them too. If we surround ourselves with the people we love and have fun being with, those cold nights won’t feel as bad, in fact they’ll make you feel warm inside.

3. Do the things you love: Keep busy! Play a sport, be in a show, or pick up a new hobby. Keeping busy and active are the most important things to do to keep you sane not just in winter, but also year round! Plus they’re fun! If you love something, go out and do it! (I myself have been auditioning for local theater).

4. Remember that winter doesn’t last forever: It may seem like a literal eternity now, but you’ll wake up one day and there’ll be flowers blooming and bunnies hopping and clear blue skies! It will be spring again! Sometimes it feels like time jumps in a split second, but the seasons keep a steady rhythm, like the tide on the ocean, or the bass drum part of a 4/4 time pop/rock groove (my life is music). Plus, it means you’re even closer to the start of camp! Camp may seem like a long way away, but if you keep the Manitou mission statement and camp mentality in your mind and heart, it will always be nearby no matter  what season it is. Love you all!

- Elaine.