Guest Blogger Blog - ERIK!

A DIY Acting Manitou Day - brought to you by Acting Manitou's guest blogger,Erik Benjamin!Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.01.29 PM

It’s hard to believe it’s already October, isn’t it? And with every October, comes one of the best holidays where you get to dress up! Not Halloween, of course, but Acting Manitou Day!! This day should not just be about the t-shirt though, but should be about spirit. Here, I’m going to outline how to have a camp filled day in the comfort of your own hometown! Time to put on your green, and to be grateful.

7:30—Wake Up

Yes, just in the spirit of camp, wake up at around 7:30 and be ready at 7:55! Maybe wake up at 7 and go for a jog? You’re more than welcome to, but I never do that.

7:55—Moment of Patriotism

Chances are, you don’t have a flag at your house to raise, and that’s okay! Here, just take off your hat and savor the moment to appreciate your country and your freedom.

8:00—Breakfast and Moment of Silence

Yes, just as we do at camp, give yourself a moment before the meal to think about what you want to accomplish on that day, and any other thoughts that pop in your head. Then, dig in! Maybe breakfast sandwiches, perhaps?


Unfortunately, Acting Manitou Day does not excuse you from school, so you have to go. Most school days start by 8:30, so you’ve lucked out and you don’t have to worry about inspection! For all intents and purposes, lets say you got an 100. Dare I say even an 100 from Chris Murrah! Hey, why not, right?


Just like we do at camp, go to class in the morning! Sure, pre-calculus is not Wearable Sculptures, but education really is a magical thing, and soak up every bit of knowledge you can. Whether you are reading a script or solving an equation, you’re sure to get the most out of it if you approach it with an Acting Manitou spirit!

12:00(ish, depending on your schedule)—Lunch & Moment of Silence

Ah yes, the midday meal of lunch. Time to refuel your brain after a long morning of learning. Before you do that though, why not take another moment of silence! Maybe you can even encourage your friends at school to do the same! You can reflect on what you learned in the morning, and look forward to your goals of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, your school may or may not permit you to have some down time after lunch, so regardless of your schedule, just take a minute or two to breathe, and give yourself time to be yourself and relax. School can be a stressful place, so even a second of relaxation looking at your Acting Manitou shirt could be the break you need to get you through the afternoon.

1:00-4:00—The rest of school and “rehearsal”.

Now, after lunch you probably have more school to attend, which I highly encourage you to do, but whenever you can, just “rehearse” a little bit. If you were in Bring It On, maybe hum a song while solving equations, or if you were in Funk It Up, spit some beats while writing a paper.

4:15—Pool Time

Now, I realize not everyone has the means or conditions to swim in mid-October, so I suggest you maybe just take a bath! Sure, it’s not the Acting Manitou pool, or even a pool at all, but its always fun to get into the water. If you weren’t a big swimmer though, maybe this is a great time to read or socialize with your friends, and decompress after a long day.

6:00—Dinner…and moment of silence

Ah yes, you’ve slugged through the day, and now it’s finally time for dinner! Before you eat though, reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the day. It’s been a long one, but you’ve done a great job! You can reflect on anything, from school, to friends, to even camp. Then, enjoy your dinner!

7:00—Evening Activity

Here, this is really up to you. It’s a Thursday night, and the opportunities are prime. You can do homework if you have a lot, but once you knock that out of the way, maybe you can spend a few hours reminiscing about camp. Watch some YouTube videos, some show DVD’s, reread my great blog post, whatever floats your boat! Maybe you can even FaceTime some camp people and have a sing-a-long.

10:20-10:30—Roses and Thorns & Lights Out

Wow, what a day. I’m exhausted just writing about it. I can’t imagine even living it! Time to get comfy, and hop into bed. Once you’re in bed though, call up some of your camp friends or bunkmates and share some roses and thorns. It’ll be great to reconnect, and you’ll be amazed how similar the feeling is to being back at camp. You will laugh, you will help each other out, and one of you will definitely fall asleep before it’s over.

Nothing compares to being at Acting Manitou, but it sure would be nice to have a day where you can weave Acting Manitou into your daily life. Appreciate the moments, make some milestones, and believe in superstitions and traditions. It will be a magical day, and soon enough, it will be time for another magical summer.