Guest Blogger Blog & Happy Birthday - Aiden!

IMG_5258 Living Authentically

In all honesty, it took me ages to figure out what I wanted to write this blog  post about. I struggled to find a good story to tell that may also lead to some inspiration for everyone reading. But, I’ve finally decided that I wanted to write about the greatest lesson that Acting Manitou taught me – how to live authentically as myself.

Some of you may already know this, but a few months ago I came out as trans. Most of you met me under the name “Amanda”, but now will be re-meeting me as Aiden this summer. Although I don’t even know that “re-meeting” is the right phrasing, I’m just using it because I can’t think anything better. It’s been a weird experience for me, because coming out didn’t change who I am as a person it really just made me more comfortable being myself.

Being a part of the Acting Manitou community helped me a lot in this process. The constant support I get from my campers, co-workers, and friends is incredible. As hard as it was for me to actually come out I knew that I was always going to have a space in that cute little theatre camp surrounded by the natural beauty of Maine.

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was how to live authentically as myself, and the energy at camp was vital to me learning that. It’s an energy that I try very hard to keep going outside of our community, and one that I hope you all try to do as well.

I think I’m going to end my little post here, I hope you are all doing well and I can’t wait to see you again this summer.

~ Aiden McKenna ~

(Also, today is my 21st birthday just in case anyone wanted to send me anything)