Guest Blogger Blog - Kiersten

Sister Act photo It has been a busy winter up here in Newfoundland.  Lots of shoveling snow (too much, really), singing, and rehearsing for a musical festival coming up at the end of the month.  But most recently, I was in a production of Sister Act the Musical.  We just closed last weekend, and I’m still feeling a bit of post-show blues.  But it was a truly lovely experience, one that I’m really grateful for.

And one thing that made it such a wonderful and unique experience is that this show is a female-driven vehicle, with a female protagonist and primarily female cast.  It was so rewarding to get to spend some time surrounded by a group of passionate, talented, hilarious, wonderful women, playing a group of sassy nuns who take out the bad guys.  It’s a rare opportunity to get to be in a show with a cast made up of primarily women, and I’m glad I got the chance.

Though I admit that I was a bit nervous when we first began rehearsals.  Would it be different to be in a room of primarily women?  Would it change the energy of the rehearsal?  And would sopranos be fighting for who gets to sing the high C?  (Sopranos, you know we love to hear ourselves sing.)  Maybe these are silly questions, but ones that I heard other women in our cast echoing, as we grew closer.  But I was so wrong to be concerned at all.  This group of women, lead by a female director, was supportive and warm and friendly and so very unique and talented.

Okay, so maybe the story of Sister Act is a little cheesy: a woman hides from her criminal boyfriend in a convent, grows closer with the Sisters, and ultimately the ladies join together to overcome the group of the thugs.  But I do like the message – that when we ladies join forces, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!  There is so much truth in that statement, and I’ll certainly keep that with me, long after the closing night.

Special note – our Assistant Choreographer was none other than Caitlin Harte, another extremely talented female theatre artist.

- Kiersten