Guest Blogger Blog - Lizzy!

index Hi Manitou friends,

How’s your year been? Are you longing for the serene stillness of Pinter Puddle as it is bathed by a beautiful Maine sunrise, or the white gleam of the flagpole as it pokes wistfully to the sky, saying come, come all…gather round me and make ready your stomachs for breakfast…(Why does the flagpole sound like Shayna? Why is the flagpole talking? What’s going on again? OH YEAH it’s the guest blog! Sorry guys, I was just so wrapped up in the Manitou Memories.)

Last summer I had the really great fortune of watching every actor on the Manitou stage morph into not only their characters, or their roles backstage, but also their best selves. As a newcomer to camp, that was the first thing I remember being told – “every camper here, whether they know it or not, is their best self when they come to camp.” As I got to know many of you as your counselor and costumer, I understood Tim’s (indirectly quoted) intel was true. All of you – staff and counselors included – were unabashedly honest and ready to transform into superhuman versions of you.

(Tim also said something like “you’re going to need to pick up e-mails every day:” sage advice that, as my campers know, never really sank in.)

With love,