Guest Blogger Blog - Monica!

Dearest Acting Manitou Community,

If life gives you lemons, don't settle for simply making lemonade – make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand. --Elizabeth Gilbert

Here we are, all of us, making art in a broken world. Amidst natural disasters, political divides, and overwhelming disconnect, we keep collaborating with each other, often making something stranger and lovelier than we can alone.

Let’s be in a room together, we insist. Let’s look at each other deeply and remember that we’re human. Let’s joke and weep and be scared together. Let’s dare to feel joy. Let’s hope when everything seems hopeless.

We believe that the opposite of consumption is creation. We believe that the opposite of war is creation. We believe that the opposite of despair is creation.

The world needs beauty more than ever, so let’s make a lot of it. Let’s make the most gorgeous signs to protest, and the most eloquent calls to our leaders. Let’s emote for the people who can’t; let’s sing for the people who won’t. Let’s dance in any way we can, because we can.

And let’s make a glorious scene at the lemonade stand. Let’s sprinkle lemon zest everywhere and sing songs about the lemon trees. Let’s bathe in the lemon light of the sun as we make lemon dances and compose lemon poems. Let’s hold the rinds in our hands and inhale deeply. Let’s taste the sour and the sweet together.

Here’s to all the scenes of all kinds being made by the AM community worldwide! I cannot wait until we meet again to make something together.