Guest Blogger Blog - Sam!

Hey howdy hey, Acting Manitou! I am currently living my life and loving today here in Traverse City, Michigan with my family and I am STOKED to be coming back to camp this summer! I will always remember stepping off the NY bus my first summer as a camper. I was nervous because I only knew one person, the person I have to thank for showing me the haven of love that Acting Manitou is (shoutout to Katrina Karl for being my best friend since 6th grade!). But after just a few minutes of being at camp I knew I had come to a place that was incredibly special. I have been so blessed to have a home in Maine waiting for me every summer since 2013, and I know that we all feel the same way. I decided to use my blog post to take a moment to welcome all the new campers to our circle of love and inspiration. I tend to find myself writing a lot of poetry and poetry-ish kinds of things, and I found this prompt that seemed very fitting for this post. So here it is, A Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here.

Dear Newcomer,

Welcome to this wonderful world you bright ball of life! I hope you’ll like it here, I know this is a place where you can fit in nice and snug. In this world you’re going to encounter people, places, and things that you’d never imagine even existed and all I can say is you’re going to love it. In all your experiences and endeavors I hope you’ll follow the best advice I can give you, and that, my friend, is to be sunshine.

I urge you to let your arms stretch out like the rays of sunshine that touch the Earth like you need to let your fingertips touch the skies. Let your love shine bright and proud even in darkness, you ought to know that will be when it is the brightest. Use your sparkle to touch every life around you with Vitamin D and smiles and all things that feel utterly good. Enlighten others with kindness that touches everyone just as the sun’s warmth does. Let your personality be as warm as the heat that radiates from the sun. Accept the whole universe and everyone in it and everything that happens just as the sunshine accepts everyone into its embrace. Smile as bright as you can and then smile even brighter. Be as persistent and determined in everything that you do just as the sun is in its daily routine of rising and setting.

There are a lot of people in this world and a lot of things to be done. But if you wake up, smile, and take on the day with sunshine in your eyes and your bones then I promise you, you will take this world by storm. Bring a tempest of sunshine to lives of everyone watching.

Yours most sincerely,

A Fellow Ray of Light


xoxo, Sam “Hot Wheels” Wheeler