Happy Fourth of July!

IMG_7057 Good afternoon!

Happy day after the Fourth of July! We had quite and eventful evening last night, ending it perfectly with a firework show.

It was a normal day, in terms of rehearsal. However, because there is no rehearsal today, on Lazy Sunday, and because we were finishing the first week of camp, directors made sure to finish a good chunk of blocking for each show. They sent our campers on their merry way with homework to memorize lines while they have a day off.

The evening activity was the elective presentations. As campers have spent this entire first week taking a specific elective, they have been preparing to perform or display their projects in front of the whole camp. We moved collectively through different spaces around camp watching meditation practices, a fashion show of wearable sculptures, a watercolor gallery, readings of short plays, and acting through songs. Everyone did an amazing job, and other campers were so supportive of every piece. It’s always so inspiring to watch our community support individuals through these fun projects.

We ended the night by lighting sparklers and watching a firework show over the lake.

What a great way to end the fourth!