Happy Saturday

IMG_8102 Good afternoon readers,

Yesterday was another beautiful day! It seems Maine is going to be good to us this summer in terms of weather, but then again it always has been in past summers. As we enter tech week tomorrow, shows are coming together very well. Design runs have been taking place during rehearsals and all designers love the look of each performance thus far.

Last night’s evening activity was our last elective presentation for the session. Campers watched as every class presented what they learned or what they have been working on in the past week. With each presentation, campers grew closer, learned more about their peers, and developed a deeper appreciation for our camp.

We ended the night with a lovely fire and a fun game of Encore, which is a singing game.

Campers went to bed excited to sleep in until 9am this morning and have a good Lazy Sunday!

Can’t wait to get tech week started!