July 12th-Lazier Sunday & Movies!

  IMG_0292Acting Manitou has had many lazy Sundays over the years, but yesterday, July 12th, marked our first ever lazier Sunday! We have been going fast and furious this session, so everyone felt a little extra sleep could do the camp a little bit of good, so we decided to push our Sunday Director Breakfast back a half hour to run from 9:00-10:00. The campers seemed to really appreciate this extra time, and everyone strolled into breakfast with a smile on their face. After the Sunday breakfast of Omelettes and bagels, the campers had the morning to memorize lines, work on their songs or dances if they're in a musical, or help out in production. The shows are quickly approaching, so every bit of help that a camper can offer is especially appreciated.

After lunch and a little bit of downtime, the campers headed off to their rehearsals. The shows are really coming along as songs and dances are being solidified in the musical, and the various aspects of the plays are starting to come together as a greater whole. After rehearsal, the campers went to pool time, which was especially appreciated because Sunday hit as high as 90 degrees! The pool time was abbreviated though so the campers could get an early dinner so that they could arrive for the evening activity: movie night!

Dinner wrapped up around 6:00, and campers who wanted to see Terminator Genisys and Jurassic World left immediately, while campers who were seeing Inside Out and Minions had around 15 minutes to get ready. Once at the theater, everyone got snacks and headed to their respective theaters. Those who saw Minions laughed, those who saw Inside Out cried, though who saw Terminator Genisys and Jurassic World gasped, and all were transformed by the magic of film. Flagship Cinemas was not the end of the road for the night's excitement though, as after the movies we headed to Acting Manitou staple Gifford's for some late night ice cream. All the campers enjoyed this little treat, but even the sugar of the ice cream could not keep them up once back at camp. After a day that started lazy but quickly picked up steam, all campers were ready to get some sleep and prepare for the week ahead.