July 15th- Tech Day 2

IMG_1181 Show day is quickly approaching, and the campers are getting ready as we are in the thick of tech week. July 15th began as usual with our normal breakfast and inspection, and then the campers were off to rehearsal. Bring It On tech-ed in the morning, which means they did a full run through with all the bells and whistles, while other shows simply did fixes in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, some shows did fixes while Twelfth Night and Curiouser/CURIOUSER did full technical rehearsals of their shows. When the campers are not rehearsing, they have the opportunity to have a nice block of time to relax, nap, read, or do whatever they want in their free time. After the afternoon rehearsal slot though, everyone went for a nice dip in the pool to refresh, and then we had dinner at 5:30 so those shows who were going to tech in the evening, Little Shop of Horrors and The Adventures of Tom Sawyers could get into costume on time. For those who did not have rehearsal in the evening, there were some board games and movies available, but connecting with friends on this last week of camp seemed to be the most popular activity.

The shows are coming along extremely nicely. It's hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago there was nothing, and now we have full productions with costumes, lights, sound, and a well prepared group of actors. This week is about combining these external elements to the internal elements of the play, while also making sure that the acting is at it's best and that the campers are ready to go come show day. From the looks of it, they definitely will be.