July 24th - Family Feud!

thumb_IMG_2030_1024Good morning! It's a bit of a chilly morning here at camp, but that isn't stopping anyone from having a wonderful Manitou day! Yesterday was a fantastic Friday! After breakfast and bunk clean-up the campers went to their master classes and their amazing electives! The elective classes at Acting Manitou are super fun classes that the campers select. Some of these classes include "Vampires" "Playwriting" "Long-Form Improv" and "Meditation." In a few days time, at the end of these classes, the entire camp will come together to present their hard work.

The rehearsal process is quickly building momentum. The shows are fearlessly blocking new scenes, learning new songs, and powering through dance numbers. Campers are falling in love with their plays and becoming one with their parts, and we can't wait to see where they'll go from here.

Last night's evening activity was an extravagant affair of Family Feud! Campers were separated into different families, some including the Uhh Brains Family, the Jurassic Family, the Lancelots, and the Aquatics. After an exciting game of camp themed Family Feud hosted by amazingly dressed senior staff, the winners of the night were the Aquatic Family, all of whom were dressed like they'd come from the bottom of the sea.

Until next time!