Blog Post: July 3rd, 2017

Yesterday our Acting Manitou family had its first full day of camp!   After breakfast, campers from each bunk got a chance to experience one of three of our lovely warm-ups (Yoga, Theater Games, and Voice and Body) led by their counselors!  Then, each camper got to experience an acting master class (Viewpoints, Improv, Staging Songs, Commedia) taught by our amazing directors!  We all convened in the theater before lunch to hear about the elective classes that the campers would have the opportunity to take this week!  We also had a Q&A where campers got to know a little more about the staff they’ve come to call their family.

After a delicious burrito lunch, campers went to their audition workshops, while counselors worked on costumes, sets, etc.  The excitement in the air was contagious, and the campers know now these shows will be phenomenal as always!  After swim tests and a quick dip in the pool, we were all ready for dinner, which was followed by our staff showcase!  We had songs, comedic stage combat, and acts I can’t describe with words alone.  After the laughs, tears, and general feelings of joy, we went down to the small amphitheater for my personal favorite camp event (besides the shows of course), the marshmallow social.  Campers roasted marshmallows for new friends, and I got to look out over a sea of new memories and relationships being formed.  Tomorrow the campers will audition and be cast in their shows, and I for one can’t wait!

-Josh, bunk counselor Wilder