July 4th 2016: Audition Day

IMG_7441Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family! Yesterday we had one of the most exciting and eventful days at camp: AUDITION DAY! In the morning, campers were split into groups and rotated between three rooms: dancing, singing, and monologues. Each camper got a chance to show their stuff to the directors, music directors, and choreographer. After a delicious lunch, campers were split into five groups and rotated from show to show where they read scenes and monologues, sang songs, and did more dancing. By 4:30pm, every camper had completed eight auditions! Every camper, except our tech campers. Our tech campers spent the morning working in the shop, building platforms and hanging doors. Even in just a few days, the tech campers are becoming much more comfortable using power tools. The stage management, directing, and music campers assisted their directors with auditions all morning. In the afternoon, the entire production staff and all the tech campers had a pool party.

After dinner we had one of our favorite evening activities: SURPRISE SUPER PRIZE SURPRISE! What ensued was an evening of madness, mayhem, games, and prizes. Some highlights included: limbo, donut stacking, an epic water balloon toss, and a game called Tape Those Tongs. After all the prizes were distributed, we went up by the Theater to watch the Fourth of July fireworks over East Pond.

And finally, the main event of the evening: CAST LISTS! After the fireworks, campers walked to their bunks where the cast lists were posted. They got a chance to talk to their friends and directors before going to sleep. Yesterday was an exciting, nerve wracking, tiring day, but now we can get into the regular camp schedule including rehearsals!

More updates on the cast lists to come later.

All the best,