Lazy Sunday

IMG_7334 July 5th was a fun and quite necessary day for Acting Manitou: Lazy Sunday.

On Lazy Sunday, we have a rolling breakfast from 8 to 9:30, where campers are welcome to stroll in at any time and grab an omelette made for them by senior staff. This is a great time to leisurely enjoy each other's company as a camp while eating some great food. To top off the laziness of this Sunday, after breakfast there is no inspection.

Once Breakfast concluded, the campers headed to their first of two counselor-led workshops. Here, counselors had the opportunity to teach classes that are unique to their talents and interests, which may or may not fit in the realm of the traditional theater camp elective. We had a wide range of classes this year, including Aliens 101, Prancersizing, Analyzing Female Pop Stars, College 101, and There's No Business Like Show Business: The Business of Broadway, which was taught by yours truly. The campers all seemed to love the morning elective, which made them all the more enthusiastic for their second elective after lunch.

Once the afternoon session of counselor led workshops came to a close, we had some memorization time and a production call. Here the campers could help out in the scene shop or costume shop, or take the time to memorize lines and work on their performance. Many casts actually got together to rehearse, making the afternoon a productive one for all. Then, it was time to head to the pool, which was greatly appreciated on a hot day like yesterday.

After pool time and dinner, the campers were told their evening activity: a horror radio show. Here, the bunks would get together and using a series of predetermined lines and sound prompts, create a horror show utilizing audio only. The theme of the stories had to be superstition, which aligns with our summer theme of "tradition and superstition". The campers all seemed to have a great time creating these horror shows, as not only were they given the opportunity to create, but got to bond as bunks.

After an hour of preparing, the camp assembled by a bonfire to tell the stories, all of which were unique and extremely amusing. After, the camp just socialized by the fire, with the occasional sing-along popping up. Everyone then headed back to the bunks to get ready for what will be a not so lazy Monday. -Erik