Music and Tech at Acting Manitou

 At Acting Manitou, we are home to not just a performance track but two others as well. Our tech and music programs each provide opportunities for campers to be a part of theatrical collaboration in ways that are unique and essential to each session, ensuring that the shows we share with visitors on show day are the true representation of the friendships and community we cultivate at camp.

Beginning this coming summer Acting Manitou will be expanding on our Music Camper Program! This past summer we had our first music camper, Griffin Strout who was featured in Godspell, and it was such a success we have decided to expand the program to even more campers!

The program will feature new and diverse music training & classes, composition of original music for our plays and, of course, camper music ensembles for our musicals. We welcome all musicians to our program: from piano players to drummers, song-writers to conductors, piccolo players to tuba players, beginners to advanced players! Love for music is the only pre-requisite! We are so excited to celebrate this fundamental element of the theatrical experience with you all.

If you are interested in signing up for the Music Camper Program you can email for more information!

In recent summers our tech campers have run lights, sound, and costume quick changes during performances, created design concepts during class training that were later utilized on our productions and enhanced their skills and knowledge in critical production fields.

LIGHTING DESIGN Specialized training in drafting a lighting plot, choosing gel colors and gobos, hanging and focusing, and cueing and running lights for the show.

SET DESIGN Specialized training in the craft of scenic design, from the drafting table to the carpentry shop, to the paint deck, to the stage.

COSTUME DESIGN Specialized training in creating, building, pulling, measuring, and fitting -- in a word -- Costumes.

STAGE MANAGEMENT Specialized training in the vital field of Stage Management, for great communicators and future leaders!

If you are interested in signing up for the Tech Camper Program you can email for more information!