Mazel Tov!

IMG_7887 Good morning!

Yesterday was a lovely day! The weather has been absolutely perfect the past few days. Campers are thoroughly enjoying themselves. As we get started on our second week of camp, the shows are becoming more and more of a reality as blocking is being finalized.

Yesterday we had an introduction to the second round of electives campers will be starting today. Some of the classes include cooking, A Cappella, and a 24 musical.

Because of the great weather, campers have been looking forward to waterfront everyday as a means to cool off. Luckily our lifeguards have stored some beach balls in the shed, which we pull out everyday. It’s fun to see the campers playing around having a little pool party to end their busy days and get a second wind for our evening activities.

Since this is our thirteenth summer, many people requested we have some kind of Bar/Bat Mitzvah evening activity. Last night that request was granted. We had a murder mystery night set at a bar/bat mitzvah where the two people being celebrated were poisoned and the campers had to solve the crime by bunk. They interviewed each suspect and came to conclusions based on those conversations. It was a night full of laughter and tears, but justice was served! We ended slightly early, which allowed time for campers to relax outside and watch the stars before bed.

Today we have another wonderful day ahead of us.

Until next time,