Meet the Staff: Chris Murrah, Off Season Promoter

blog_chrisphoto Chris has been at Acting Manitou since 2009, when he was a bunk counselor for Pinter and produced. The following year he directed Seussical the Musical which was followed by productions of Sweeney Todd, Pericles, The Crucible, Hamlet and Into the Woods. This year he will be working with Tim and Steve as the off-season promoter, reaching out to schedule reunions, plan visits to campers' shows and events, and continue to promote the Acting Manitou spirit throughout the year.

Chris has more than 20 years in the camping industry and almost as many as a theatre professional. He began as a camper at the age of 8 and was a camp counselor through high school and college. He has developed leadership training programs for teens as well as teaching theatre. As a theatre professional he has been a performer, holding a BFA from Florida State University, and a director, currently completing his MFA in Directing at Columbia University.

"I believe whole heartedly in summer camps," says Chris, "as I have seen first hand the change they can bring in a person's life. My camp I went to growing up was a boys sports camp, but I would never have developed the confidence at home to be a performer and move to New York to pursue my dream. That came from the independence and confidence I learned and built at camp. I tried new things without the pressure of being the best or the fear of failing. I met new friends who accepted me for the unique weirdo I was and loved it. In the times during the school year that I felt lonely I would daydream about camp. It truly formed who I am today."

If you haven't met Chris personally, please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself and always feel free to ask any questions you might have about the Acting Manitou camp experience. His email is