IMG_7139 Happy July 4th, readers!

Though today is the day we all celebrate, July 3rd proved to have plenty of metaphorical fireworks here at Acting Manitou. The day began as usual with breakfast and inspection. Then, the campers went to their rotating Masterclasses where they fine tuned some of their acting or production skills. They then continued on to their electives where the classes starting preparing their presentations, which we will see tonight.

After lunch and some downtime, the campers proceeded to their next rehearsal. Now that we're firmly in the middle of the rehearsal process, the shows are beginning to take shape as the casts and artistic team have found their groove together. There is still much work to be done, but the foundations of the productions are being cemented.

After rehearsal, we had some pool time where the weather was delightful. Everyone enjoyed soaking up the sun, some in the pool and some relaxing on the grass memorizing lines or just having conversation. After waterfront, the campers headed to dinner where the evening activity was announced: an American themed Dance, also known as 'Murica.

After dinner, the campers had a little bit of time to get decked out in their best red, white, and blue, and then headed to the dance. There, they danced the night away while DJ Starz 'n Strypez (also known as me) played great songs from today and years past. The dance was a great way for the campers to enjoy each others company and let off steam, and after everyone was exhausted in the most satisfied and patriotic way. After the dance, the campers socialized for a bit outside the bunk, and then headed to bed as they rested up for an eventful Independence Day at Acting Manitou.