Blog Post: July 14th, 2017

Hello Acting Manitou family! Albee bunk counselor Emma here. Yesterday was yet another fun-filled day; after our usual round of warmups and electives, we switched things up and had a camp-wide scavenger hunt before lunch. The campers were grouped up according to cast and scoured the campus to search for such things as tiki torches, pink flamingos, or even a high five from Steve. At the end of the hunt, the casts of Merchant of Venice and Pippin were crowned victorious, which meant that they got to be first in line for lunch that day! A coveted prize to be sure.

Rehearsals are really starting to come together, with every show working hard to make their show as good as it possibly can be before Show Day finally arrives. Campers are just about off-book and are so eager to share their show with the community in just over one week.

During dinner time, the Strawberry Picking elective group baked delicious Strawberry Buckles for the entire camp to enjoy. Big shout-out to them for making such a yummy dessert for all of us! After that, we all came together for everyone’s favorite talent show, Enkoodabaoo. There were a variety of acts this session; some campers decided to perform a song or dance, and some also shared wonderful excerpts of their self-produced musicals, plays, or books. It was so fun to see everyone support their friends last night. As a camper, Enkoodabaoo was always my favorite activity, because it really highlights how supportive, inspiring, and talented this community really is.

After everyone hugged and congratulated their friends, we powered down and headed back to the bunks to rest up for another full day.

That’s all for now!

-Emma Rimmer