Production classes and family feuding!

IMG_8228 Hello readers!

Yesterday was a bright and shiny day! Campers are really getting into the full swing of daily life here at camp. Everyone is fitting in so nicely and rehearsals are smoothly taking off! The first round of elective classes are really taking off, and we’re getting close to elective presentation night, but for now, campers are working diligently on their projects. In addition, we also had production classes where campers work with production staff to learn more about costumes, sets, props, etc… They sign up for a class of their choosing and production staff introduce them to fun projects realting to the subject.

Rehearsals are going well and all of the campers are getting so excited for their shows and their parts individually. We can’t wait to see what is in store for the upcoming shows.

Finally, campers ended the night with a fun game of Acting Manitou’s version of Family Feud where campers were divided into groups and had to play against each other, by answering questions related to our camp. They had an absolute blast and it was great to see everyone laughing along with the game.

Tonight we have another great evening activity to help us get into the fourth of July spirit!

Until next time,