Production Classes, Rehearsal, and Rain

IMG_7920 Though the weather yesterday was not Acting Manitou's finest, our campers' effervescent spirit helped make July 1 a classic day of camp. After our usual Breakfast and inspection, the campers headed to their elective class. Here, the campers continued to build on the skills they had learned in class the day prior, all of which is leading up to an elective presentation as an evening activity.

After electives, the campers headed to their production classes. Here, campers choose 1 of 6 classes in the area of production: sets, stage management, wig & makeup, props, costume, or publicity. This allows the campers to gain theater skills beyond acting or their specified area of tech, and makes them a more well rounded thespian.

After production classes, the campers had a very well deserved lunch and downtime, then they were off to rehearsals. In rehearsals for the musicals Little Shop of Horrors and Bring It On, campers continued to practice their songs and choreography. In the plays The Adventure of Tom Sawyers and Twelfth Night, the directors continued to set the foundation of their production with staging. In Curiouser/CURIOUSER, the cast continued to devise their play using a variety of theatrical technique. Needless to say, after a long afternoon of rehearsal, all the campers were ready to relax.

Though we would usually go to the pool after rehearsal, due to the inclement weather, the campers stayed inside and had some quality bunk bonding time. Here, the campers could just lay back, maybe put on some music or play a game, and just enjoy each others company. The first days of camp are always so hectic, and the campers really have given 100%, so for evening activity, we continued on this theme of just having a laid-back night, so we had a camp wide viewing of the 1987 classic The Princess Bride. After the well-received movie, the campers headed back to the bunks and got ready for bed as they would awake to a beautiful Manitou morning today.