Saturday, July 2nd: Arrival Day

IMG_6862Hello Acting Manitou Community! Yesterday, after months of reminiscing about last year’s magical summer, anticipating the memories that are soon to come, and obsessively checking the Acting Manitou Facebook page for any and all announcements, the big day has finally arrived!

The morning began with the staff all gathered on the porch to cheer and celebrate new arrivals as campers began to trickle in. It was incredible to look around and not be able to tell the difference between returning campers and new ones; everyone was instantly talking to one other, sharing stories, discussing the shows, playing games - it seemed like they had all been friends for weeks already!

The Vermont Bus arrived after a stunningly scenic drive through New Hampshire and Maine and was welcomed by campers, staff, and some good old Maine sunshine. While some campers unpacked and decorated the bunks with posters of past shows, photos of friends and family, and twinkly fairy lights, others tried their hands at some classic camp games: Koob, an awesome lawn game played by tossing wooden blocks, Gaga, an insane, energetic sort of anti-soccer (you can only roll the ball with your hands!) played in our brand-new Gaga Pit, and even a friendly pop-up game of kickball (proving to the world once and for all that theater people can still have a blast playing sports).

This was soon followed by a delicious dinner of plain, barbeque, and buffalo wings (our kitchen staff has been going above and BEYOND so far!), some introductory theater games on the Great Lawn, and then some chill-time for people to settle in and for the new bunk families to begin to get to know one another.

Finally, after a long but exciting bus ride up, our New York campers rolled in and made their way to the pavilion, where they were greeted by the hugs, laughter, and smiles of friends new and old.

And just like that – we’re off! With an incredible set of shows, a passionate team of staff members, and a phenomenal group of campers, this looks to be one of our best summers yet. Stay posted - we can’t wait to share this amazing journey with our friends and family back home!

Signing off,

Matt Goldstein (Bunk Counselor in Wilder, Stage Manager/Asst. Music Director for The Drowsy Chaperone, and Acting Manitou enthusiast)