Staff Orientation 2016: Days 2 and 3

Hi Everyone!

Another update from Staff Orientation for you all.  We have been working dawn-til-dusk getting everything ready for the campers’ arrival on Saturday.  Directors and designers have had initial production meetings, counselors are setting up bunks, teachers are planning their lessons, and the entire staff is beautifying the camp so that it is fresh and ready for another summer.  But, between all of that, we still have found time to enjoy ourselves— lounging by the pool, playing ping pong, and enjoying the beautiful state of Maine.

We are beyond excited for campers to arrive on Saturday!  Here some things they can look forward to this summer:

-Veteran staff members, new staff members, staff members 

-Ping Pong, Koob, Gaga


-Some brand SPANKING new evening activities

-Favorite elective classes from years past, as well as some brand new ones

-Camp pets, Fenway and Alice!

-Delicious and locally-sourced food cooked by our amazing dining team

And so, so, so much more!!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? What are your personal summer goals?  Let us know!!