Staff Orientation

IMG_6677 Hello Acting Manitou readers, welcome to our 2015 season! I am Rosemary and I will be one of the bloggers this summer! This past week was our staff orientation where our staff spent everyday preparing for our campers to arrive! Many of the tasks included moving beds, and learning the lay of the land around camp. Most of our counselors are returning campers who are looking forward to give back to our community. We have a few completely new staff members, but we have spent all week welcoming them into our family, which returning campers will be doing throughout this session to first time campers! And I must say that is one of my favorite parts about camp every year, helping our family grow. After the physical exercise of moving beds between bunks, a task all bunk counselors do in preparation for arrival day is to make bunk posters with the campers’ names on them. Counselors spend a lot of time on deciding what theme to choose for their posters and this year we have a plethora of themes from the Avengers to Cats holding vegetables.

While it was fun preparing all week for the campers’ arrival, we are thankful that today is finally arrival day and our summer can finally get into full swing!