Starting Rehearsals

IMG_7701 Good morning readers!

Yesterday was the quintessence of a Maine summer day, the sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature. We had many classes held outside, which also allowed for campers to commune with our camp and the nature we are immersed in. While the day before was our first full day of camp, yesterday was our first normal day of camp as we had a normal schedule, not changed by auditions or orientations. Campers took master classes first, and then elective classes second. Their morning was full of activity and learning opportunities.

After lunch campers went to their respective rehearsal spaces for their first rehearsal! During the first rehearsal usually directors start with a more in depth discussion of their view for their show and then get started on a full read through of the script. By dinner campers were all very enthusiastic about their shows and their parts.

Then, the evening activity was announced after dinner, which was…. A Lip Sync Battle! Campers were divided into 6 groups and assigned a director to use in their performances. About an hour into the activity, campers all reconvened at the theater to finally perform their lip-synced songs. Lead by senior staff members dressed as celebrities, each group was judged on performance, creativity, and enthusiasm. In the end, all groups were deemed too good to beat each other and it was a tie across the board.

Until next time,