The Final Countdown

IMG_1979 Hello readers!

Yesterday was such a lovely final day of a regular schedule (at least regular for tech week). It was the last day of tech before today’s final dress rehearsals for the whole camp. Campers were able to attend most of the shows if they had an off time during another show and they are all so excited to finally see the shows in their true entirety. It was yet another beautiful day, though the temperature made it feel like it was the beginning of September, the sun was shining and everyone was happy.

We wrapped up night tech rehearsals and all of the campers congregated outside the theater and made their way into the woods where we have our biannual fire commonly known as the “crying fire”. This is where all campers gather around a private fire and the CITs give little speeches about their time at camp as they close on the last regular day of their session, but there are typically many tears shed at this fire, thus its name.

Finally, campers headed back to the bunks with some tears in their eyes, thanking their friends and counselors for a wonderful session. Then they headed to bed early in preparation for our big day ahead! Today the whole camp will watch every show as on our actual show day, some will not be able to see the performance before theirs, and this is a chance to do so! Everyone is so supportive and go into each performance positively!

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and put on wonderful shows for you!