The first day!

IMG_6781 Hello readers!

Yesterday was our first full day of camp this summer though the weather did not agree… We woke up to a very rainy day, but everyone’s positive attitudes looking forward to beginning our session shown through the rain. Campers got started with warm ups, which were either yoga, theater games, or body and voice. The first few days we introduce campers to all warm ups and then they decide which they would like to continue for the rest of the session. Then campers went into their first master classes where our very talented directors lead various acting classes to expose campers to a well-rounded experience of theater. These acting classes can also help to provide practice of character development once campers are cast in their shows. In addition to acting classes in the morning, campers also choose elective classes to take which range from playwriting, to dance classes, to learning of to be mindful of their surroundings in nature. Campers spent yesterday before lunch interviewing teachers in order to decide which elective to sign up for.

After lunch was the big meeting where directors finally explain their plans and visions for all the shows of the session. This is a great opportunity for campers to learn more about shows that they are not familiar with, or understand the different take a director has planned for a show that is fairly popular. We took up the afternoon with this meeting and then campers stayed dry in their bunks during the waterfront period.

Finally the day came to an end with our first evening activity, the staff talent show! We always love doing the staff talent show at the start of camp and preferably before audition day in order to encourage campers to go out of their comfort zones when auditioning. Last night’s performances included many beautiful songs, some interpretive dance, skits, poetry readings, and a slideshow of selfies from our costume designer. Laughs were had all around and the campers were definitely inspired. Then, we sent the campers to bed early full of ice cream, which was served after the show, to get a good night’s rest to ensure a successful audition day!

We’re halfway through audition day today, and we can’t wait to share with you all the fun events in tomorrow’s blog post, so stay tuned!