We Went to Princeton!

Phelan Princeton Party

A great big thank you to the Phelan Family for hosting a wonderful Acting Manitou event at their home in Princeton on a  surprisingly balmy Sunday afternoon.  We had a blast with the great mixed crowd of alums, staff, current campers, prospective campers and parents.  One parent definitely found herself wishing Acting Manitou had a "Parent's Camp"...maybe one day.  The current campers in attendance recited lines from last summer's production of Almost Maine since half the cast attended the event: "Sandrine!"  There was great reminiscing, too, from a big contingency of the original Up the Down Staircase cast.  Thanks so much to all who came including: Charlotte, Samantha, Hope, Fiona, Caleigh, Daniel, Joseph, Jack, Amanda, Amara, Emma, Mary and Grace!

 We've had wonderful gatherings this winter to stave on the cold, including trips to Newfoundland, Virginia, NYC and Princeton.  If you'd like to host an AM event at your home for current campers, alums and prospectives - we'd love it - just let us know and we'll show!