• Where are you located?

    • Acting Manitou resides at Camp Eastwood for the Performing Arts in Oakland, ME. We are a 3-hour drive north from Boston, MA and 1.5-hour drive from Portland, ME.

  • What are your dates and rates?

    • SESSION 1 : JUNE 27TH - JULY 19TH


      3 Weeks: $5950

      6 Weeks: $10550

  • How do I apply?

    • Click HERE to submit an application for 2020!

  • What age camper do you accept?

    • We accept campers 9-17.

    • Our youngest campers (9-11) are a part of our Emerging Artists Program, a special 10-day experience that is a great way to introduce first time sleep away campers to our full 3- or 6-week programs.

    • Our oldest campers are going into their senior year of high school.

  • Where do the campers typically come from? How do they get to camp?

    • From Maine to Florida and Barcelona to Hawaii, our campers and staff come from all over the world. Campers can take a bus from the NY/NJ area, Boston region or the Vermont region with other campers. You are welcome to drive your camper to Acting Manitou or we can pick them up from the Portland Airport. Details about transportation will be included in your Parent Handbook that you will receive prior to camp.

  • How many campers/counselors are in each cabin?

    • Our cabins house up to 12 campers and 3 staff members. Our counselor to camper ratio is 1:4 in most cabins and our counselors take part in an extensive orientation at Acting Manitou in the week prior to camper's arrivals.

  • How are campers divided into cabins?

    • Campers are placed into cabins by age group and their stated gender identity. We respect and honor all our camper’s and staff’s gender expressions.

  • What is the food like?

    • Campers dine in our Pavilion and are treated to three meals prepared in house by our amazing dining staff. Breakfast offers a hot entree each morning along with a daily oatmeal and fruit and cereal bar. Lunch is a time to recharge with wholesome options that provide energy for the afternoon. Dinner is a time to come together and enjoy great company and delicious entrees. Lunch and dinner both include a full salad bar with nutritious toppings!


  • My child takes regular medication. How do you administer medications?

    • For regular prescriptions, we work with CVS Pharmacy. They will fill your prescription and individually pack and send us all the necessary dosages depending on your child’s session length. If your camper will be traveling with an inhaler, epi-pen, or other medication or device that CVS Pharmacy is unable to send, please note this on their medical form and the Nurses will collect these items upon arrival. All medications are administered by our onsite camp nurses.

  • What if my child gets sick?

    • Outside of minor medical matters (cut/scrape/tummy ache), a Nurse or Director will always contact you if your child has to spend the night in the health center, go to the ER, see the Doctor, require an x-ray, or be treated for any other serious medical matter. We know this can be a very helpless feeling for a parent and we will keep you informed every step of the way, guaranteed.

  • Where is the nearest hospital?

    • Waterville is home to two major hospitals, both less than 15 minutes from camp. There is also an urgent care facility open daily.

  • What measures are in place to protect against ticks?

    • Our prevention plan is designed to address ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy simultaneously. We work with a third party, certified in tick control, that comes to camp to provide us with both short- and long-term prevention.

  • What measures are in place to protect against lice?

    • It happens sometimes. Above all we want to convey that there is no shame or embarrassment at camp associated with lice or any other medical concern or experience. We go to great lengths to keep our entire population free of lice. All staff will receive medical and lice checks upon arrival. On camper arrival day, everyone goes through a health check before heading off to their cabins. This includes handing in money, tech, meds, and getting a lice check from one of our registered nurses.


  • How can I speak to my camper?

    • While we encourage campers to share their experiences via letters sent from our office, we understand that sending your child to us for the first or even fifth time can feel like a long time away. Campers may receive up to one 15-minute call per session. You will receive an email from us before arrival day with times and dates that are available for each session and information on how to schedule a call.

  • How can I speak to a director?

    • Lesley and Chris are available to you at any time, all year round. During the summer you’ll be able to reach us in the office or via email. Want to Facetime or Skype? We’re glad to do that too. We’ll also send you a daily email recapping everything from the day before along with what’s in store for the day ahead. Another great way to stay up on what is happening at camp is to use our AM365 portal for blog posts and photos every day of camp!

  • Are campers allowed to have phones?

    • We are a device free camp. No phones or any device with cellular or wi-fi capabilities is permitted with a camper during camp. Any phone or devices sent to camp will be kept safe and secure until departure day. For photos, may we suggest a digital or disposable camera. For music, there are many devices on the market that allow you to load music on the player for your camper’s time away.