Acting Manitou is dedicated to cultivating a community of young artists that will support each other year round and throughout their lives. This mission is realized by creating theater with young artists in our summer programs and by continuing to support and inspire each other throughout the year.


As a community we value self-expression, inclusivity, community engagement, participation and immediacy. We grow each year by supporting the work of our campers and staff through our Four Ghost Lights: Joy, Creativity, Gratitude and Community.

History of Acting Manitou

Over the years, Acting Manitou has maintained its commitment to creating an exceptionally tight familial environment for campers to take great artistic leaps and undergo personal transformations.


In the summer of 2003, Steve Borowka and Tim Brownell founded Acting Manitou and took up residence at the end of the summer at Camp Manitou for Boys. During the first summer of operation, the program had 12 campers most of whom came from Vermont. The following summer the program doubled in size to 22, then 30 campers the summer after that. Its fourth summer of operation doubled again to 60 campers and its fifth summer, the last at Camp Manitou, enrolled 80 campers and produced five shows. In the summer of 2008, Camp Eastwood for the Performing Arts was built to house the expanding Acting Manitou program.

In 2019, Lesley Levy, a 3-year Associate Director, and Chris Murrah, an 11-year veteran of Acting Manitou, assumed ownership and directorship of Acting Manitou. Together they continue the legacy of community and ensemble that began 18 years prior and are very excited to bring another generation of campers, families and staff into the Acting Manitou’s traditions of Joy, Creativity, Gratitude and Community!