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Our Tech and Music Programs are the most Innovative Opportunities at Acting Manitou

MUSIC CAMPERS play their instruments in the band, pit or onstage as crucial elements of Acting Manitou's shows or compose music for our classes and productions.

TECH CAMPERS get hands-on training from highly skilled theater production professionals in any of these areas:
Set Design - Works with Technical and Scenic Designers
Lighting Design - Works with Lighting Designer
Costume Design - Works with Costume Designer
Stage Management - Works with a Stage Manager on one of our shows
Directing - Works with one of our Directors as Assistant Director on one of our shows

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The morning instructional period takes on three different forms: Elective classalongside the acting campers, Introduction to Design/Music and Theatrical Collaboration, and Production Calls.

Elective classes offer both tech and acting campers the opportunity to explore a special interest area of theater, such as Playwriting, Directing, Comedy Improvisation, Choreography, Slam Poetry, Shakespeare or Puppetry. Electives are on a sign-up basis and take place over two weeks and two different rounds.

Introduction to Design is a class only for tech campers. During the five periods of this class, tech campers will spend one session studying the fundamentals of the following elements of production design: Set, Lights, Costume, Sound and Stage Management (not a design element, but an essential component of technical theater).

Music and Theatrical Collaboration is a class only for music campers. During the five periods of this class, music campers will explore the integration of music and theatrical storytelling through discussion and exercise.

During production calls, music/tech campers and acting campers do projects for the shows, such as crafting props and painting scenery.


When the afternoon rehearsal period begins, music/tech campers divide into their specialized areas of study: Sets, Lights, Costumes, Stage Management or Music. Music/Tech campers are now an essential part of the Production team. They will learn their craft by working side-by-side with the experienced, compassionate, talented and hard working staff members of Acting Manitou Artistic and Production. Music Campers will work with a show and director to provide crucial instrumentation to the performance.



All other aspects of the music/tech camper experience will be fully integrated with the acting camper program. Meals, bunk life, waterfront and evening activities will be shared experiences the music/tech campers take part in alongside the acting campers.